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The main forms of construction include load bearing frames and infill walls to steel or concrete framed buildings Increasingly mixed use buildings are designed for example where residential units are located over retail or commercial space in which case light steel frames are supported by a steel or concrete structure for the levels below Light steel framing is also used in Light gauge steel also known as cold formed steel and cold rolled steel is a cold formed material that is used to make construction processes smoother and products stronger It does not deteriorate like wood It is not bulky like structural steel It is not heavy like concrete Steel Structural Framing Systems for the construction and manufacturing industries For more information contact our dedicated support team 44 0 121 6016000 2022 01 21 nbsp 0183 32 SteelSmart Structural Design Software Suite for Light Steel Framing The SteelSmart 174 Structural Design Suite provides construction professionals with the structural design software tools engineered for both fast and accurate design and detailing of light steel framing LSF studs and connectors SteelSmart raises the bar for the design and analysis of cold formed steel Determine Clear Span of the Bearing Wall This is the height from top to bottom track and is the same height as the loadbearing studs in the same wall Example 10ft9 24″ 10ft 9 1 4″ Result TSN will manufacture a 600C STW250 68 1 SM 10ft 9 1 4″ You will need to order 2

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STEEL FRAMING SYSTEMS Lightweight Wind Bearing Studs In curtain wall construction the weight of the wall affects the proportioning and cost of the spandrel beams the columns the footings and in earthquake zones the lateral load resisting members Compare the weight of 150 mm steel stud and drywall versus 150 mm normal weight masonry back Light gauge steel frame construction is an innovative and reliable construction method which is broadly used in the world and has surpassed wood frame construction in many design and construction aspects It offers several advantages such as buildability strength design flexibility sustainability and light in weight which makes it easy to handle and hence increase speed The use of light steel infill walls may be applied to steel or concrete framed construction Light weight speed and ease of installation are important constructional benefits that have led to the rapid increase in use of this form of construction The light steel components used in infill walls consists of C sections and U sections of 75 to 150 mm depth that are cold roll formed from Load bearing light gauge steel framing is based on balloon construction providing separate storey height frames Vertical gravity loads from roof and floors span onto load bearing walls down to supporting foundations or podia Lateral wind loads applied to the external envelope are taken by roofs and floors using plate action then into braced walls or cores down to the Replace Load Bearing Wall With Beam Cost Installing a steel beam costs 1 000 to 4 000 on average depending on the wall size type of beam installed labor and the architecture of the house When replacing a load bearing wall with a beam sometimes columns and posts are needed according to the design structure of the home


Because load bearing walls made of steel are lightweight and durable they can be tailored to each construction project Light gauge steel frames can be custom made to your specifications allowing them to be used in a wide range of projects Speed of Construction The load bearing walls made of steel framing can be installed quickly a benefit that makes load bearing We have worked successfully with Hadley Steel Framing on a number of diverse projects in all construction sectors including Stephenson Square The Hive an office block development in Manchester City Centre Their excellent technical understanding and interaction with the full design team ensures a coordinated and smooth development process –A LINX which began operations a couple of years ago and is honing its business edge on the off site assembly of light gauge cold rolled steel framed load bearing walls now has five buildings in its portfolio with projects like retirement homes and condos located from Windsor to Cambridge Bolted Steel Construction occurs when steel fabricators produce finished and painted steel components which are then shipped to the site and simply bolted in place This is the preferred method of steel construction as the bulk of the fabrication can be done in workshops with the right machinery lighting and work conditions The size of the components are governed by the and type of project will have a direct bearing on the cost of the steel frame system Stick Framing Stick framing is the method most commonly used to build wood framed homes today and involves assembling the floors and walls using individual studs and joists on the construction site This method often requires extensive cutting of individual framing members and requires