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instrumented micropile load tests – Case History – 167 Johnson Street – Case History No 2 – Dublin Road Pump Station DRPS – All piles Type B pressure grouted with typically developed pressures of 345 kPa Highlight aspects of pile mechanics – Degradation of secant pile modulus – Nonuniform load distributiontest Note This is for the purpose of quality control and high strain type should be used for bored piles 2 numbers or 1 of working piles installed or 1 for every 50 metres length of proposed building whichever is greater b Working load test 1 number or 0 5 of the total piles whichever is greater a Ultimate load test onportion of the micropile subject to significant axial load therefore it is commonly used to estimate average bond stresses acting along a test micropile It is also used to assess whether an end bearing condition is developing Given the small cross sectional area of a micropile development of end bearing may suggest the onset of micropile26 3 2019 nbsp 0183 32 One preliminary test on the non working pile 200 x Working Load One proof load test on the working pile 150 x Working Load Three grout cubes for each micropile will be tested for its compressive strength 1 for 7 days amp 2 for 28 days Working Load 297 KN Type 17 and 418 KN Type 18 The Engineer shall be given at least 24 hrs notice before the The micropile load tests performed in tension and compression provide a reference for micropile performance in medium dense to dense gravelly sand Comparison of the load test performance suggests that the common assumption of neglecting the contribution of end bearing resistance does not adequately model micropile behavior Additionally

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pile where each pile is a tested pile the resulting axial capacity of each micropile is not directly determinate unless a load test is performed on it In addition micropile capacity is very sensitive to installation methods Therefore the role of the inspector is vital to ensure that theThis document summarizes comparisons of lateral load test results on American Piledriving Equipment s APE HD micropile and HD piles with predicted lateral deformations computed with the program LPILE by Ensoft APE s HD micropile is a helical pile grouted as the pile is screwed into the ground by injecting grout22 1 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Micropile design challenges included developing a pile bond strength through up to 10 feet of fractured gneiss rock formations for compressive design capacities of up to 260 kips loads that were not achievable from existing driven pile foundations FTG conducted a verification and proof load testing program to confirm pile designs on both abutments and f Micropile load and proof testing sheet showing 1 Load frame and anchor pile details for load tests 2 Load frame and reaction pile connection for proof testing production piles 3 Any additional reinforcement and grout strength required in the load test micropiles to permit testing to 1 5 times the design loadings 4 7 6 2021 nbsp 0183 32 Results from PDA test will be calibrated against the static load test results if results are available to obtain a better correlation and comparison with the static Results which can be obtained in report are as follows Static capacity of piles compression or tension mobilized Simulated load settlement curve under static load

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7 1 2020 nbsp 0183 32 A static load test on a sacrificial pre production micropile that requires the application of defined incremental loads to the test micropile in four loading cycles up to the VTL and unloading of the test micropile The movement of the micropile is recorded at each loading and unloading increment 4 2 2022 nbsp 0183 32 Spun MicroPile คือ และทดสอบการรับน้ำหนักโดยวิธี Dynamic Load Test เสาเข็มของภูมิสยามได้รับ มาตรฐานเสาเข็มคอนกรีตเสริมเหล็กแบบ Static Load Testing Static Axial Load Testing AASHTO requires at least 1 verification test and 5 of all micropiles to be proof tested for axial compression Performance test requires longer hold increments to evaluate creep potential and testing The 40 Kip Design Load 80 Kip Test Load for MicroPile TP 2 showed a total settlement 0 0117 inches after the full 80Ton Test Load was applied The pile settled to 0 1287 inches at the end of the 12 hour Test Load Hold Period After TP 2 was unloaded settlement recovered to 0 0530 inches and a 24 hour rebound3 2 4 failure load n for the purpose of terminating an axial tensile load test the test load at which continuing progressive movement occurs or at which the total axial movement exceeds 15 of the pile diameter or width or as specified by the engineer 3 2 5 telltale rod n an unstrained metal rod extended

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Foundation testing is paramount to determining the stability of a structure Various testing methods such as the state pile load test plate load test and the Pile Driving Analyzer PDA test Using the patented PDA test frame method are available These tests help to determine the stability of a structure based on ground settlement 1 Verification Load Test Non production micropile load test performed to verify the 2 design of the micropile system and the construction methods proposed prior to 3 installation of production micropiles 4 5 Micropile Design Requirements 6 The micropiles shall be designed to meet the specified loading conditions as 7 shown in the Plans Remarks Lateral Load Test TP 1 0 43 quot Thick Wall 80 ksi Steel 4000 psi Grout 2 15 ft long 18 75 ksi Williamsform Bars Design Load 10 Kips Test Load 20 Kips CONTRACT NO DATE Pile Type 7 5 8 quot O D Micropile Load Test Plot Load kips 10 3 2021 nbsp 0183 32 Micropile load testing is typically undertaken to verify the performance of installed micropiles and verify design assumptions It must pass two criteria c In order to improve micropile design in such geological contexts a new field trial investigation involving tension and compression load tests on micropiles up to failure was set up in

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Micropile Testing Micropiles are often tested in compression and tension for verification and proof tests Micropiles are more frequently designed to resist large lateral loads therefore it is necessary to perform pre production lateral load tests on single piles or groups of piles as well 19 6 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Load Testing Case History Courtland Street Bridge Atlanta Presentation Outline 4 Micropile Evolution Timeline 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 3 micropile verification tests 13 micropile proof tests –1 per bent Conventional superstructure construction and the pile design to be modified Three types of loading procedures for a static load test are 1 The Quick Load Test 2 The Incremental Static Load Test and 3 The Constant Rate of Penetration Test The Contractor must engage the services of a Professional Engineer licensed and registered inTherefore the model parameters may be obtained by analyzing the measured micropile load displacement curve obtained from a load test at a given installation Furthermore a database of these parameters may be established for a wide variety of soil conditions grout properties grout pressure and construction techniques 7 2 2022 nbsp 0183 32 เสาเข็มกลม สปันไมโครไพล์ Spun Micro Pile 6 Dia 21 รับนน 20 25 ตัน ต้น 7 Dia 25 รับนน 25 35 ตัน ต้น 8 Dia 30 รับนน 30 50 ตัน ต้น การรับน้ำหนักขึ้นอยู่กับสภาพ