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Helical Ground Anchors are designed and sized to match load requirements soil conditions and available site access Multiple sizes and capacities allow precise designs for the utility industry There may be one or multiple guywires that can be resisted by one or multiple ECP utility guy wire anchors dictated by design and load requirements Also known as guy anchor bolt or foundation bolt an anchor rod is a heavy duty fastener that is embedded in a concrete foundation to support the guy wire For the pole to remain stable it must have additional support and this support is given by Distances from the antenna mast base to anchor points are shown and suggested lengths of guy wires from anchor point to mast guy point You will need to make each longer for securing them on both ends Do not use any information in any part of this article for guying towers See drawings below 20 Foot Mast Recommended guying above 30 Foot Mast Recommended GREAT VALUE Auger set includes 8 ground anchors 15 Inches in length and 0 5 inches in diameter with 100 feet of galvanized wire and 16 pouch full of clamps Ideal for securing dogs horses sheep or anchoring a boat to the shore tie down ground structures like sheds car ports gazebos travel trailers cabins chicken coops garages and small buildings trampolines 2020 09 13 nbsp 0183 32 Includes 4 30 in earth anchors 4 clamp on wire tie downs Constructed with heavy duty powder coated steel for longevity and reusability resistant to chipping rusting peeling and corroding Corkscrew design enables easy plummeting into the ground and provides a secure foothold once submerged Installation requires a metal rod or steel pipe not included to insert

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Yes these guy wires can cause injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists and in some cases even electrocution Many people wonder whether the cables that are attached to power line poles and anchored into the ground hold electricity These are called guy wires and are there to support the power pole especially against the elements Earth Anchors Ground Screw Anchor Earth Anchor Camping Tents Fixed Plastic Canopy Set Up Inquire Now Adjustable U Form Pole Anchor Multiple Use Base Inquire Now Sprial Sleeve Beach umbrella Stand Summer House Establish Inquire Now Ground Screw U Series Vacation Home Build Inquire Now The ground anchors are rust resistant and made of solid premium metal and will last for several years to come Great for Outdoor Uses The ground anchors are also useful for holding down goal soccer posts trampolines picnic tables dogs horses cows or any animal rope tie down retaining walls sheds gazebos and storage containers An insertion guide wire with an anchor formed in the distal end for precisely locating a subcutaneous arterial wound and guiding a plug of hemostatic material thereto When the hemostatic material is properly placed the anchor can be released and the guide wire removed leaving no foreign object in the lumen of the artery US5728122A Guide wire with releaseable Earth Anchor with Cable – Model 88db1 Add to cart 16 80 Earth Anchor – Model 88db Add to cart 24 50 Tree Anchor – Model 40 DTS Add to cart 35 93 Earth Anchor with Cable – Model 138db1 Add to cart 40 48 Tree Anchor – Model 68 DTS Add to cart 45 50 Earth Anchor – Model 138db Add to cart Product categories Cargo Control 10 Loadbinders Domestic 4

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Proper anchor selection depends on the type of soil and guying requirements The Anchors have a 3 quot helix pitch Installation uses standard tools Anchors are painted with rust inhibiting blue paint after fabrication To be used with 7ft 1 quot D100 3 5ft 1 quot D10031 or D75 3 4 quot 12632 Pisa rods only Our Price 70 892014 04 21 nbsp 0183 32 That means that I have to install the guy wire anchor into the ground Now I m stuck The only people I know that have the equipment to do that is the POCO I m even having a hard time finding someone local who supplies the darn thing Help Please April 20 2014 at 3 09 pm 121165 Inner10 Pro Hope the ground isn t hard digg a divot put a bar through the eyelet of 2016 01 12 nbsp 0183 32 Provide 7 wire strand elements with minimum wire diameter and ultimate tensile stress of 0 6 inch and 270 ksi respectively meeting ASTM A 416 and manufactured in accordance with the current PTI Guide Specification for Tower Guy Wire Tension Guide The recommended initial tension in guy wires is 10 of their ultimate tensile strength There are two different grades of steel used for good guy line clothes line does not count HS high strength and EHS extra high strength The Rohn manual gives the following info on 3 16 and 1 4 in cable 2003 08 11 nbsp 0183 32 Removing a utility pole guide wire anchor Thread starter DaveNH Start date Aug 10 2003 Aug 10 2003 1 D DaveNH Gold Member Joined Nov 28 2000 Messages 415 Location Fremont New Hampshire Tractor BX2200 Out back near the road I have a pole with an anchor near it The anchor is about two feet away from the pole and is not used I want to remove this

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2017 11 29 nbsp 0183 32 A guy wire is a tensioned cable designed to add stability to a free standing structure In this video we will be using a 36 Penetrator from American Earth A Stakes and Earth Anchors To hold a captured animal your traps or cable devices must be attached to something Foothold traps are normally attached to a chain For some traps you may need wire The wire chain or cable device is attached to a stake drag or other object that anchors the trap or restrains the trapped animal in some way An Earth Anchor System Installation and Design Guide An Earth Anchor System Installation and Design Guide Two holes through the anchor allow attachment of wire rope figure 2 The wire rope may be attached as shown in figure 2 or looped through the anchor to increase the strength of the anchor assembly The diameters of available wire rope are 3 2 4 8 6 4 and 7 0 mm 12 ft 3 6 m of wire rope per anchor attached 3 tree collars 3 185 ₁₆ in 1 6 mm wire rope clamps Contact us to learn more about Earth Anchors MacLean Power Systems Theft Deterrent Specifications Wire Rope Anti Theft Anchors Chain Anti Theft Anchors Product Model 68 ATI Model 88 ATI Model 68 ATC Model 88 ATC Kit Contents 1 DUCKBILL 174 anchor 5 ft 1 5 m of It is also known as guyed wire guy cable guy strand and guy anchors People also mistakenly call it guide wire The name guy wire is derived from the term guy defined as a rope cord or cable used to steady guide or secure something Guy wire is

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The single helix anchor is 8 feet long with a 10 diameter screw The multi helix anchor is 5 feet long and comes with a 10 and 11 3 diameter screws The Manta Ray anchoring system is a patented system that allows for the installation of a high strength anchor in areas not accessible to large trucks or equipment Ground anchors or earth anchors of the pivoting or tilting type are well known and generally include a main body portion having a leading edge adapted to be forced into the ground a trailing edge including an outturned lip and a cable or guide wire attachment point intermediate the leading and trailing edges generally positioned from about the One side of a guy wire is connected to a point high up on the structure and the other hand is anchored to a safe point of the solid ground creating a diagonal line An anchor concreted into the solid ground can is used to hold one or more guy wires steady guy wire attached on 2016 08 23 nbsp 0183 32 A Ground Anchor also known as Earth Anchor is a structural member which transmits an applied tensile force to capable ground The tensile force is resisted by shear strength of the surrounding ground An earth anchor may comprise of following three main components Tension pile Rock bolt Deadman Nowadays a High strength steel tendons are Ground Anchors When used with ropes or wires these heavy duty steel ground anchors provide secure gripping and holding power to stabilize towers tarps tents trees and more Made of black painted steel or galvanized steel simply screw the metal ground anchor into the soil and secure your ropes or wires to the anchor eye