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SINOROCK China supplier Ischebeck titan injection grouting hollow metal self drilling anchor bar Up to 5 years warranty 1 90 26 00 Meter 1 0 Meters Min Order 10 YRS CN Supplier Contact Supplier 1 6 SupAnchor 174 Self Drilling Hollow Bars is an unique anchoring system and is today s answer to the increasing demands of the tunnelling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production The system provides advantages for all areas of its applications where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive 8 6 2017 nbsp 0183 32 Sinorock also manufactures Trapezoidal Threaded T30 – T130 self drilling soil nails to be an alternative to Ischebeck Titan anchor bolts They are mainly exported to Russia Europe and America etc We can work to all specifications and can provide hot dip galvanized drill rods ISCHEBECK TITAN HOLLOW BARS The original self drilling domestic and non domestic bars Learn More Slide 2 ISCHEBECK TITAN ALUMINUM FORMWORK TABLES Versatile lightweight and strong Learn More Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube ISCHEBECK USA ISCHEBECK can be counted as one of the leading manufacturers of geotechnical solutions formwork systems and trench shoring systems Dipl Wi Ing Bj 246 rn Ischebeck and Dr jur Lars Ischebeck are the fifth generation of the family to run the company

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17 6 2020 nbsp 0183 32 This method ensured that all points of the borehole were homogeneously grouted as drilling advanced Ischebeck Titan 2016 Simultaneous drilling grouting requires grout with a water cement ratio of 0 5–0 7 under pressure up to 7 bar in a constant supply to ensure that the grout circulates within the borehole during drilling M s Ischebeck Titan M s 30 16 40 20 52 26 127 111 R51L R51N T76N T76S Nominal Outside Installation process involve to drill hollow bar is a fully threaded self drilling system which can be drilled and grouted in to loose or Dipl Ing E F Ischebeck Friedr Ischebeck phone 49 2333 8305 0 Loher Str 31 – 79 fax 49 2333 830555 e mail export ischebeck de D 58256 Ennepetal www ischebeck com INNOVATIVE FOUNDATION TECHNIQUES USING TITAN SELF DRILLING DYNAMIC GROUTING HOLLOW MICRO PILES I have subdivided the lecture in 3 sections 1 Drilling rod with continuous TITAN thread Can be shortened or lengthened as required Self locking thread no counternuts necessary Optimum thread form for good shear bond TITAN hollow steel tendon with 3 in 1 function The ribbed steel tube made from fine grain structural steel functions as a sacrificial drillingTITAN self drilling system Thread types TITAN thread Reinforcing bar thread In order to transfer the loads from the steel tendon i e reinforcement to the surrounding grout body it is necessary to create a shear bond between them The effectiveness of the shear bond essentially depends on the geometry of the ribs

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All 11no ground anchors comprise Ischebeck Titan 103 51 self drill bars with 220mm expendable drill bits They were installed using a Eurodrill 8032 drilling head mounted onto a PC 450 base machine with a specially adapted drill mast TITAN micropiles can be used as self drilling reinforcing elements for nailing to DIN EN 14490 The hollow steel bars are installed with drilling and flushing fluid and subsequently grouted with a cement suspension in a dynamic process We typically use RD pipe piles and Titan Ischebeck or MAI bored injection piles that are self drilling Bored injection piles can also be used as friction piles in suitable soil conditions in which case the piles are shorter than in load bearing applications Why Ischebeck Titan emphasizes the importance of ductility When earthquake happens ductility ensures that the speed of structure breaking won t be too fast Obviously IBO hollow bar Self drilling anchor is another kind of reinforcing bar Maybe you would consider more when design the next project using soil nail or micropiles The main feature of the Normet Self Drilling Anchor SDA system is the application of a single use drill bit in combi nation with the rock bolt being used as a drill steel Thus the rock bolt is connected to the hydraulic rock drill by an adapter device and installed in the way a conventional borehole is drilled The Normet SDA program

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ISCHEBECK TITAN SOIL NAILS New anchor techniques – basics TITAN Drill and Injection Anchors could be used as soil nails to EN 14490 and are also suitable for use as anchors and rock bolts to DIN 21521 Self drilling nails are installed in the embankment in sacrificial drill bit and a cement suspension as drilling and flushing fluid system ISCHEBECK TITAN The tendon used in TITAN micropiles is a steel tube with a profiled outer surface based on DIN 488 It functions as sacrificial drilling rod injection pipe and reinforcing bar 3 in 1 In contrast to the earlier method known from DINTITAN The system The system Titan is renowned throughout the world s civil engineering and construction industries for providing some of the most innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of ground engineering structural stabilisation and earth retention solutions The Titan range of hollow self drilling injection anchors Self Drilling System Thanks to their self drilling function bars can be drilled into most ground conditions for tension compression or alternating load applications and can also be used as an injection conduit The DYWI 174 Drill Hollow Bar is a fully threaded self drilling anchorage system which can be simultaneously drilled andGround Engineering Solutions Ischebeck Titan supplies products and systems for all types of ground engineering and ground improvement work We can supply micropiles soil nails solid bars hollow bars injection anchors plus many more Our ground engineering products and systems have been successfully used on a multitude of applications around the world


Ischebeck TITAN micropiles comply with DIN EN 14199 micropiles Ischebeck TITAN injection piles are ideal for use as tension piles mini piles and root piles pali radice in micropiling situations Ischebeck TITAN micropiles consist of a continuously threaded hollow stem steel reinforcement tendon combined with an OPC grout body of a minimum 25 N mm2 strength 28 1 2022 nbsp 0183 32 Ischebeck Titan hollow bars were selected on the basis of the conditions present bar capacity size of drill head and the unique thread orientation enabling the grout to be used as an effective corrosion barrier meaning the bars did not require to be galvanised and did not require any calculation for an assumed sacrificial corrosion allowance notes Binns 1 Load bearing element – hollow–core bar 2 Drill bit 3 Anchorage 4 Coupler 5 Pile neck protection tube 6 Cement grout 7 Structure 8 Spacer Dipl Ing E F Ischebeck Dipl Wi Ing Bj 246 rn Ischebeck FRIEDR ISCHEBECK Loher Stra 223 e 31 79 DE 58256 Ennepetal export ischebeck Figure 10 13The original in self drilling stag that everyone else is copying 💪 Ischebeck Titan The original in selfdrilling hollow bars that everybody is copying 💪 Ischebeck Titan betongakuten ischebeck team hollowbar geotechnicalengineering innovationOur Products T76 Hollow Threaded IBO Anchor Bar Series A good alternative to Ischebeck Titan CTS Drilling System Self drilling injection boring anchoring systems for underground works R51 Self Drilling Soil Nail R25 All Threaded Self Drill Rock Bolt R32 Self Drilling Anchor Rock Bolt Galvanized Self Drilling Anchor Hollow Bars