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ARP Head Studs Main Studs Rod Bolts Torque and Stretch Specs This is information that you can never find when you need it so here is a table for the ARP Head Studs Main Studs and Rod Bolts Torque Specifcations and Stretch Specs Listed here are the general torque recommendations for most ARP fasteners Recommended torque is equal 75 of Press In Wheel Studs M12 1 5 Thread x 2 1 2 quot Long x 509 quot Knurl For 500 quot 507 quot Hole Size Fits most Late Model GM Camaro Firebird amp Corvette 5 set Made in ARP flywheel bolt 1 pc Thread size M10x1 0 For VW Audi 4 6 cyl engines 1 8 2 0 16V need 6 pcs 2 2T 20V need 8 pcs 2 8 2 9 12V VR6 need 10 pcs 9 00€ Add to cart View Available So far I have checked the studs from every major Z specific vendor and they all are marked ARP ARP indicating 8740 Washers As for the washer sizes the following picture shows the size differences from regular ARP to OEM and the larger size 19 12 2007 nbsp 0183 32 Only show this user All the ARP head studs that i have seen use a 1 2 quot 12point I just had this issue with my Supra since in the past i would allows use a 13mm 12point to torque them down on former engines But the 13mm doesn t fit through the head The 1 2 quot will I bought a craftsman one from sears that fits perfect No need for a thin wall one

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ARP recommends a torque of 45lb ft on the 3 8 inch head stud nuts however we usually go to 50lb ft Torque the 5 16 inch rocker pedestal nuts to 25lb ft The studs themselves should only be Some of our most popular items are 6 0L Powerstroke head studs 98 18 Cummins head studs main stud kits and more We are a real shop that works on diesel trucks daily so feel free to call us toll free at 1 866 737 4966 for free advice on ARP products Big sale on head studs now necessary with ARP Thread Chaser part number 912 0011 M11 X 2 0 and 912 0001 M8 X 1 25 4 If the cylinder head studs protrude into a water jacket lubricate the block threads of the studs with ARP THREAD SEALER 5 Screw four 8mm 2 725 in long studs into the bottom of each cylinder head 6 A typical value for this reciprocating weight is in the vicinity of 20 000 lbs For purposes of bolt design a rule of thumb is to size the bolts and select the material for this application such that each of the 2 rod bolts has a strength of approximately 20 000 lbs corresponding to the total reciprocating weight Bolts SAE ARP Stainless Steel 8740 Chrome Moly Bolts Metric ARP Stainless Steel 8740 Chrome Moly Nuts SAE amp Metric 10 1 4 quot 5 16 quot 11 32 quot 3 8 quot 7 16 quot 1 2 quot 9 16 quot 5 8 quot M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M12 Washers SAE amp Metric 1 4 quot 5 16 quot 3 8 quot 7 16 quot 1 2 quot 9 16 quot 5 8 quot M6 M8 M9 M10

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13 6 2012 nbsp 0183 32 ARP head stud nut size I have some ARP head studs for ej20 25 and Lost the bag of nuts What size are they I found a site to buy them just don t know what size they are I was guessing 12mmx1 25 I mean I could run to the parts store and see if they thread into the correct size hole but hey Id rather not 8 11 2021 nbsp 0183 32 I m about to pull the valve cover on my built N54 to re tighten the ARP stud nuts per what their website says but before I get it apart I m wondering if someone can tell me what size socket I need that will fit through the holes on the intake cam ledge and the semicircles on the exhaust cam ledge to let me do it without pulling the cam ledges 9 7 2012 nbsp 0183 32 Joined Jul 19 2008 183 126 Posts Discussion Starter 183 1 183 Jul 7 2012 Hello all I like to know the size exacly the dimensions about the stud arp or bolt about the main cap of the ford 302 I like to know exacly about this kit ARP 154 5401 ARP Main Stud Kits Overview SummitRacing com Thanks and sorry my english 24 11 2006 nbsp 0183 32 installed a set of main studs in my GTiR bottom end durring rebuild if i go through the sequence and torque the studs to the recommended specs from ARP the rotating assembly in the bottom end will spin freely if i turn it over right away and if i let it sit for a min it locks up tighter than a bulls ass in fly time LOL so me and 2 of my buddies tried a few things broke all 18 8 2009 nbsp 0183 32 Bolt size is M8 x 1 25 x 38mm part number with ARP 400 8012 total of 8 I m posting this mainly because I could only find 3 threads on here regarding exhaust manifold studs for the KA motor and none of them had any resolution and barely any information at that

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A no all arp brand bolts and arp studs are clearly marked arp along with the arp part number we do have some kits that include arp brand parts and those are marked saying if they include arp bolts if it does not say arp its not arpARP main bolts are stronger and torque more accurately than stock main bolts By improving the bottom end rigidity you increase the engines capability of handling high RPM Comes with 1 packet of ARP assembly lube Designed for Series 2 and Series 3 3800 engines Block line boring is recommended after the install of maiWhat size is ARP nut Correct socket is a 1 2″ 12pt Why are ARP studs so expensive ARP stuff is typically more expensive than other brands but again that s because they use more expensive materials and the manufacturing process from heat treating to machining is more involved What is the advantage of head studs The ARP Diesel Head Stud Kit 230 4201 is a must have in any high performance 2001 2016 GM 6 6L Duramax To overcome head gasket failures that can occur in diesel engines in these high performance applications industry leader ARP has introduced extra heavy duty head studs for the popular GM LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML Duramax powerplants Here you are looking at the ARP Head Stud Kit for the 02 14 WRX and 04 STI These head studs are ideal for those of you who are running much more boost and power over factory levels and need a strong head stud kit to keep your heads from lifting