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This is a non stock item For detailed lead time information please contact your Hilti representative Please visit Hilti website for the latest item numbers and related products Or dering designation HSL 3 SK M8 10 HSL 3 SK M8 20 HSL 3 SK M10 20 HSL 3 SK M12 25 Anchor size M8 M8 M10 M12 Drill bit diameter 12 mm 12 mm 15 mm 18 mm The right anchors for the right reasons Peace of mind starts here Whatever your challenges or preferences we re driven to deliver more ways to address your needs If you don t see the ideal anchor in the chart below let Hilti Customer Service guide you to a workable option stainless steel anchor bolts hilti clip wedge anchor through bolt buy wedge anchor through bolts anchor bolts product on alibaba com pin type anchor bolt bolt weight calculator portland bolt hit hy 200 a hilti usa 21 1 2022 nbsp 0183 32 Designing fastening systems for different environments At Hilti we rigorously test all our anchor systems to ensure they can withstand the toughest of jobsites and constructions Find out more about how to use our fastenings in different environments and applications Hilti HIT RE 500 mortar with HIT V HAS rod These pages are part of the Anchor Fastening Technology Manual issue September 2014 09 2014 558 For diamond dr illing Mean ultimate resistance concrete C 20 25 – fck cube 25 N mm 178 anchor HIT V 5 8 ETA 04 0027 issue 2013 06 26 for diamond drilling

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Hammerset or drop in anchor HILTI HKD FISCHER EA II HKD S flush anchor fischer Hammerset anchor EA II HKD SR flush anchor Stainless Steel fischer Hammerset anchor EA II A4 SS Chemical Bonded Anchors INJECTION CHEMICA LS HIT HY 150 Hybrid Vinylester 330ml FIS V 360 S Hybrid Heavy Duty Sleeve Anchors HSL 3 Power Bolt 174 and PB PRO™ Undercut Style Anchors HDA Atomic Undercut 174 Concrete Screw Anchor KWIK HUS EZ KH EZ Screw Bolt ™ Concrete Screw Hanger Anchor KWIK HUS EZ I KH EZ I Hangermate 174 High Strength Hybrid Adhesive Anchor HIT HY 200 AC200 ™ High Strength Epoxy Adhesive Anchor HIT RE 500 V3 Injectable Adhesive Anchors A wide range of chemical anchor fasteners our injectable mortars are also designed for rebar applications and can be used on concrete and masonry Capsule Adhesive Anchors Capsule adhesive anchors covered by international approvals for applications in concrete for sequential applications with fixed embedment depth The pull out test load and test requirement should be mentioned in the Approval letter In general it will be 1 5 x recommended load under a standard method for conducting tests in axial tensile forces based on the BS 5080 1 1993 the HST3 recommended load table is attached for your reference Moreover The test load for the pull out test Oversized Anchor Hole One of eight anchor holes in a concrete base for an equipment base install was drilled out of position by half diameter for 3 4 quot diameter anchors The installer attempted to correct the anchor hole position by redrilling oversizing the hole

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4 anchors For shear loads acting parallel to the edge the anchor row closest to the edge is checked to resist half the total design load To obtain the concrete resistance use the corresponding 2 anchor configuration V Rd c and multiply by the factor 2 5 Design steel resistance shear VRd s Anchor size M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 M24Capsule adhesive Hilti anchor fasteners with international approvals for applications in concrete for sequential applications with fixed embedment depth Anchor rods and elements Carbon and stainless steel anchor rods for use with chemical adhesives in concrete and 1 to 1 Cartridge Epoxy Anchor 3 8 7 8 1 6 Hilti HTE 50 Simpson SET ET or EDOT Red Head Epcon C6 AC50 Silver 10 to 1 Cartridge Vinylester Anchor 3 8 1 3 8 Rebar Simpson AT Red Head Epcon A7 Hammer Capsule Glass Capsule Hammer Type Anchor4583 KB TZ SS316 3 4 quot x 5 1 2 quot 5118 7294 KB TZ SS316 3 4 quot x 10 quot 7071 7294 1 Always refer to Hilti Product Technical Guide for complete details on the anchor specifications limitations explanation of data information on other base To help you understand your options and choose the best combination of products Hilti engineers have developed a multilevel selector chart Evaluate your options according to base material conditions performance requirements anchor type hole cleaning requirements and construction industry standards and approvals

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Hilti services the professional construction industry We offer software for design products and tools for work onsite training testing and consultancy Bolt Shield Anchors 8 32 1 2 quot Toggle Bolt™ Hollow Walll Anchor 1 8 quot 1 2 quot Strap Toggle™ Hollow Wall Anchor 3 16 quot 1 2 quot Hilti HTB Toggler Bolt Zamac or Nylon Zip It 174 Drywall Anchor 10 6 8 Screw ITW EZ Wall Dog 174 Figure 3– Applications involving extension of existing construction with new elements using Hilti HIT RE 500 and Hilti HIT HY 200 Since the required embedment to satisfy anchorage length provisions of the building code typically 40 to 60 bar diameters often greatly exceeds typical anchoring embedmentb Data covered by Hilti Technical Data Effective anchorage depth Anchor size M6 M8 M10 Eff Anchorage depth h ef mm 30 40 60 30 40 70 40 50 80 Anchor size M12 M16 M20 Eff Anchorage depth h ef mm 50 65 100 65 80 120 75 100 115 Characteristic resistance Anchor size M6 M8 M10 Eff Anchorage depth h efHPS 1 Impact anchor Economical plastic impact anchor with carbon steel screw HPS 1 R Impact anchor Economical plastic impact anchor with A2 stainless steel screw HUD 2 Wall plug Universal plastic wall anchor for light duty fastening to hollow and solid walls HUD 1 Wall plug Economical universal plastic anchor HUD L Wall plug Economical universal long plastic

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Anchor Systems www hilti com Anchor Systems Injectable Adhesive Anchors Injectable mortar HIT RE 500 SD HIT RE 500 HIT HY 200 R Page 238 239 Anchor rod metric Hilti HIT Z stainless metric Hilti HIT Z R Hammer drill bit TE YD TE CD Page 239 241 Injectable mortar HIT HY 110 HIT CT 1 HIT HY 70 HIT MM PLUS Page 242 2431 1 2022 nbsp 0183 32 Hilti Injectable Adhesive Anchors HIT RE 100 Epoxy anchor High performance injectable epoxy mortar with everyday approvals for anchoring and rebar connections in concreteAnchor bolt alternate I have light poles that came with 4 3 4 quot x 18 75 quot galvanized anchor bolts with a 3 quot hook I can no longer use the provided anchor bolts and need to drill and epoxy the new anchors I want to use a 3 4 quot threaded rod but need to know what length and hilti epoxy to use Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 1 0 Introduction 4 Hilti Inc US 1 800 879 8000 www us hilti com I en espa 241 ol 1 800 879 5000 I Hilti Canada Corp 1 800 363 4458 I www hilti ca I Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 2011 1 1 A bout Published Load Values The Anchor Fastening Technical Guide is intended to We passionately create enthusiastic Mechanical Anchoring Systems KWIK Bolt TZ Expansion Anchor 3 3 4 Hilti Inc US 1 800 879 8000 www us hilti com I en espa 241 ol 1 800 879 5000 I Hilti Canada Corp 1 800 363 4458 I www hilti ca I Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 2011 267 The KWIK Bolt TZ KB TZ is a torque controlled expansion anchor which is