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Make Your Own Or you can make your own tie downs by digging a hole in the ground under each corner of your shed dropping a metal strap or rod into it and filling the hole with concrete Then attach this anchor to your shed floor Either of these methods will provide some protection against your shed blowing or washing away Low head ground anchors to fix down Run In sheds Standard 2 quot Hellanker ground anchors provide the lowest cost method of securing horse shelters and are ideal if the shelter is not going to be moved very often The low profile safety anchors can be used in all situations mobile or fixed and are designed specifically for use with animal shelters 3 Tie both ends of the strap to the tops of the two ground anchors that are on opposite sides of the shed from each other and closest to the front of the shed Tie Downs and Hurricane Anchors Mobile Home Vapor barriers are critical to you and your families safety Mobile home straps prevent high winds from lifting or moving your mobile home during storms Tie down anchors are driven into the ground anchoring your mobile home and preventing movement during high wind events The concrete filled Sona tube forms a sort of Deadmans anchor Other types of shed tie down include augers driven steel rods or even anchors cast into concrete base The anchor is generally fixed to the shed base with a steel cable that

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TIE DOWN GROUND ANCHOR Our Tie Down Ground Anchors are just what you need for securing tent guy wires or other temporary structures They use the same 189 drive system as our Deck Foot Anchor™ for fast and easy installation and removal Available in 24″ or 36″ lengths with a 5″x5″ 12 gauge 3mm cap plate 21 10 2019 nbsp 0183 32 Installation process Our shed anchors are steel auger type threaded anchors similar to the ones used to secure mobile homes They are driven into the soil with a powerful impact wrench Once the anchor is in the ground a cable or chain is then fastened to the anchor and then lagged or bolted securely to the shed runners Tie Down Shed Anchor Kit 30″ Length 54 39 Do It Yourself protection for most outdoor structures or possessions Stop damage from high winds and protect your investments from theft Uses include Storage sheds playground equipment trees fences car ports pool covers antennas boats tents airplanes and awnings Tie down MRA59110 Cross Drive Anchor How to Tie Down Shed to Concrete Piers When building a new shed on concrete piers lay out the pier plan based on the shed design The holes for the concrete piers should be centered under the posts beams or 4 10 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Ratchet Tite combines the versatility of Easy Hook Drive anchors with the ease of Ratchets for a rock solid anchoring solution for sheds canopies garages and storage shelters Delivers immediate and continuous frame to anchor tightening Ready to install kit includes 4 Easy Hook cast steel anchors and drive rod They take a bite and hold on tight Effective in

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Using cable clamps and thimble terminated cables Tips for larger sheds that need support as well as hold downs Attachment methods for shed anchors Spacing for the best holding strength Using sledge hammers demolition hammers impact wrenches for shed anchor installation Pullout strength charts Watch our shed installation overview on YouTube M12 X 300 MM Straight Stump Anchor Bolt Gal 13266 12 83 M12 X 300 MM 50 MM Offset Stump Anchor Bolt Gal 13454 10 85 M12 X 450 MM 50 MM Offset Stump Anchor Bolt Gal 13455 13 15 M12 X 500 MM 50 MM Offset Stump Anchor Bolt Gal 6822 13 81 180 X 50 Starter Bar M12 Gal 14116 2 39 M12 Turnbuckle Weld On Stub End Another reason to tie your shed down might be government regulations History shows some areas are wind or flood prone and just to build a shed you have to plan on tying it down to satisfy building code requirements The only problem is that commercial shed tie downs can be hard to find and expensive A Install anchors using a straight rod to turn screw anchor into the ground B A starter hole up to 1 3 of the anchor length can be used to start anchor into the ground Once the anchor eye is level with the ground backfill the soil and pack area around the anchor eye C Anchor eye should be just above soil level 2 Garden sheds can often be secured with type B fittings the anchors are hammered in to a suitable height then the fitting is bolted and screwed on The method below illustrates the anchor on the inside this is only possible if the base is accessible from above of course if the shed base is integral the fitting would go on the outside

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2 9 2011 nbsp 0183 32 I calmly purchased a box of concrete anchors washers and four T shaped ties you might see on a deck My plan was to put one anchor in the shed 4 215 4 and two in the concrete pad For this project a hammer drill masonry drill bit impact driver and an 12 3 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Having the shed tied down is a requirement in our area in order to get electric service ins Today we anchor the storage shed using mobile home earth anchors Ground anchor tie downs are good for structures like sheds travel trailers cabins garages trampolines kid s swing sets slides canopies campers and fences The diameter of the blade is approximately 3″ Life span of anchor system is not limited by sun light exposure Last for years amp years with proper careThe best way to tie down your shed that is on a concrete block or pier is by the use of augers – if your anchoring on dirt soil or grass concrete expansion bolts with galvanized steel straps – if you re tying it down to a concrete slab or use some mobile home tie down kits Since your shed is elevated you can secure your straps directly to the floor beams before bolting the other end 23 3 2017 nbsp 0183 32 The tie down must be connected to the anchor with a system that allows for adjusting the tension It must also be weather resistant and strong enough to support as much weight as the anchor and tie down If the tie down is fastened to a ground anchor with a drop forged turnbuckle the turnbuckle should be 189 inch or larger galvanized steel